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 North Yorkshire Children's Centres
Surestart Children’s Centres: Department for children, schools and families

Surestart Children’s Centres are places where families with children under 5 years old, can find information, help, support and friendly advice.  They provide a range of activities and services in a place close to where you live, these include:-

Information and advice on a range of subjects including local childcare, local education services and family health services for when you are looking after babies and young children.
Activities for you and your children to enjoy together which will support their healthy development and early learning.
Access to family support and specialist services when they are needed.
Links to Job Centre Plus services for employment advice and information about training.

What they also provide:

Family information sessions
Links to adult and family learning groups
Family fun events
Family yoga sessions
Family First aid courses
Links to speech and language therapists drop-in sessions
Dads Saturday events
Cooking with your children and music making sessions
Links to the Young Parents Club
Breastfeeding support group
Family first aid courses
Drop in stay and play sessions
Bookstart and storytelling sessions
Post natal support groups
Baby massage
Twins and triplets group

Please contact your local centre if you’re looking for:
Someone to talk over things with
Information about childcare and children’s activities
Information about your child’s development and behaviour
Help in a time of separation or loss
Friendly groups for support
Information about adult and family learning opportunities
Help moving to a new area or if your child is moving to a new school.
For details of the Children's Centres in North Yorkshire (Link)

There are 4 Children's Centres in the Craven area,

North Craven Children's Centre Tel: 01609 533990(Link)
Skipton Children's Centre Tel: 01609 798094 (Link)
South Craven Children's Centre Tel: 01609 798558 (Link)
Upper Wharfedale Children's Centre Tel : 01609 798467 (Link)

For more information and details of current activities and services
please go to: